Land Shopping for our RV Home Base and Private Campsites in North Florida

We were absolutely sick of never being able to find a campsite and we’re not talking about one of those cookie cutter parking lot campgrounds where they’ve chopped every single tree down. We’re talking something more like a Florida state park. So, we decided to go buy our own piece of property with no zoning restrictions on RVs. This is the beginning of our RV home base story.

Join us as we seek out our own private RV homestead where we look to establish our home base and additional private RV campsites that will be perfect for the full time RV lifestyle. We are looking for RV property without zoning restrictions for RVs and travel trailers, where we won’t have to have a traditional building on the property. A RV home base camp in North Florida seems like a great location, there’s not a lot of restrictions on full time RV property depending on the county. So come along as we search for the perfect piece of land to build the Captain’s Hideaway private RV campsites.

Watch the video here

It has been a rough couple of months for us with everything we had going on with fixing up the property and losing our dog but our next video is finally here! And more to come! This is the beginning of our RV home base story. We hope you enjoy and look out for more videos coming soon.

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