Happy One Year Blogiversary!

Our one year anniversary for the Adventures of Apple and Rob is near and we would first and foremost like to say thank you! We are extremely grateful to you all for your continued support. As our lives change and our experiences change us, we are eager to see what this year will bring us.... Continue Reading →

Fort Lauderdale Sunset Sail

We're back out on the water and enjoying south Florida's "Fall" weather. Apple's parents have never been aboard little Luna before so we took them for a sunset sail and dinner in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It was a nice experience for us to have guests on board and push us to finish a couple more... Continue Reading →

My Cousin Adopted 2 Brothers

This morning was a very special morning. We went to Disney, as usual. What was so different about this day is that we are going to meet my cousin Joey. Now Joey is someone I grew up with, literally grew up with. We were born two days apart in the same hospital. So we've been... Continue Reading →

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